The story of L

2010, a wonderful year! Apple introduced the iPad, KAA Gent won the Belgian cup-final and Disney finally finished the TRON sequel.
And that year Avenue L saw broad night light.
After a lightning start Bart & Fredo shifted the focus from a memberclub and nightlife label to event development, communication and consultancy.
Now open for business.
Scroll down to get to know us.

What we do...

Celebrate and communicate! That’s our mission. We listen to your aims, your ideas, your style… and then use it all to turn it into a vibe with our know-how. Inspire us and get inspired.

Client centered. For a story to be told well, a client to be served right or a visitor to be inspired.

What you want...

Eventing, pop-up, consultancy, community ; you call us for a variety of things. We listen and analyse your situation. Fulfill your needs with ideas, inspiration and action.

Straightforward, simple and sincere, without the bullshit bingo.

What L is…

Call it whatever you want; a label, a party, a lifestyle, a hobby, an enterprise.  First of all, Avenue L is a network. A connection of people and ideas, of jobs and inspiration, of digital and analogue.

The Avenue L Team

If no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the L-Team.

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