Bar Buro

A coffee bar and co-working space.
The Bar Buro calender was filled with expositions,
workshops, brainstorms, release nights,
doodle battles, a Picon Club
and other get-togethers.
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Bar Buro


Bar Buro Pop-Up bar and co-working space. Face to face with the cityhall of Gent. Botermarkt, 6


Co-working, as in freelance professionals in different industries sharing a workspace, is popular throughout the world. Bar Buro is nothing like the sterile space you might imagine – all-white desks and pallid IT people. Rather it is a fun place to visit even if you don't have a deadline. There's an open office on the first floor and a bar on the ground floor, a great place for lovers of coffee and chocolate, but also for an after-work mojito.


Bar Buro is a good example of how community management is an analogue and digital way to build your audience en tell you a story. Home of many digital natives, fuelled with events of all kind. web: facebook: