Gent iMarkt 2011

To explore digital creativity in Gent.
To boldly go where no Gentenaar has gone before!
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Gent iMarkt 2011

iMarkt Gent 2011

01-10-2011, 5000 visitors a job we did for the City of Gent, with people from Gent, for the people of Gent... people got the chance to have a look behind the scenes of the digital creatives, what they do, how they work or what they have achieved on an international level


The concept of the event has 2 levels. One is to give the digital creative scene a showroom of one day to show their work to all people. On the second level it was the aim to create awareness in the head of all people from Gent that many digital creatives have achieved an international level and do greatness.


A classic analogue campaign was built strongly supported by social media. Online portal was the Gent M website: